by Scatterbrain

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released February 12, 2012

All songs written and performed by Scatterbrain


all rights reserved



Scatterbrain Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Scatterbrain is a punk rock band from Philadelphia. They play fast songs with rather sad lyrics.

Contrary to the lyrics and aggressive nature of their music, they are a group of upbeat, polite fellows.

They will, however, crotch-chop any person they deem worthy of a hardy "SUCK IT!!!"

They hope you enjoy the tunes!

If not, well, SUCK IT!!!
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Track Name: Ghosts In the Antiques
The air is chilled tonight.
It’s a crying shame, because everything was so warm
and bright
that optimism poured
down from the sky,
but I missed the storm
by staying inside.

I still watch the sky
for some kind of sign.

The sun shines less bright these days,
but the stars have made new constellations,
blazing a path, forming a map,
pointing to your star.

The clouds have been wrung out,
raining the blackest ink,
engulfing me,
and it has been absorbing,
seeping into my
scarred up skin,
forming a tolerance for condolences.

The storm’s been heavy here,
drowning faith in tears

If there’s nothing after this,
I’ll follow you to nothingness.
With your maps of space,
I hope one day I’ll find you there.

In spite of everything
I’m still standing, living.

If there’s nothing after this
I’ll follow you to nothingness,
so you won’t be nothing alone as nothing.
As nothing we’ll be free.
Track Name: (What Are You Waiting For?) I Don't Know. Something Amazing, I Guess
I define discord.
I’m distorted.
An atonal note in a nasty chord.
I’m a squealing pinch
I’m all tinnitus and self indulgence.

I’m screaming but you probably aren’t listening.
I’m a bit abrasive for your taste.
If I could sing, I would, I swear.
So I’ll have to scream until you hear
what I’ve been holding in for years.

I’m a whole step down.
A compromise
between integrity and a cliché line.
I’m a complete lack
of melody.
No wonder you sing every song but me.

If I sing softly will you finally watch me?
I’ll stick around in case you show up late.
I’ll run a tab a mile long,
waiting to sing a softer song
until every cent I have is gone.

I’m the minor to your major scale
Equal parts with different appeal.

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